Essential Features

24 x 7 Doctor Assistance

General physicians available round the clock to assist you. No limits to the number of calls

Medical Referral

In an unknown place, we will connect you to the nearest available doctor / medical facility when in need

Medical Evacuation

We will evacuate you (free of cost) to the nearest health facility that can give appropriate care if the existing one is not satisfactory

Medical Repatriation

We will arrange for your travel back to your home (free of cost) once you are fit to travel

Compassionate Visit

We will ensure your closest friend or relative is next to you in time of your need. Travel charges will be borne by us

Care for Minor Children

We will ensure your children reach home safely if you get ill or injured when you travel. Travel of children will be free of cost

  • Medical Monitoring

    Our team of personnel stays in regular communication with the attending physician and the hospital to ensures that appropriate level of care and attention is given to the member. We also assist in relaying the needed information to the member’s family or employer

  • Prescription Assistance

    If a member forgets or loses his / her prescription, we shall arrange for the member to see a local doctor in the foreign land for procuring a new prescription

  • Foreign Hospital Admission Assistance

    In case of a medical emergency, TDO will assist and facilitate admittance to a foreign medical facility and/or assist in validating the member’s medical insurance

  • Return of Mortal Remains

    In case of an unfortunate event where the member passes away while traveling, we will handle all the necessary paperwork, and arrange and pay for the necessary body preparations, shipping container and transportation to bring the mortal remains home

  • Lost Luggage or Documents Assistance

    We work with the airlines to recover and deliver lost luggage and/or liaise with transportation companies to replace lost tickets and/or resolve issues of lost passport and licenses

Additional Benefits

  • Services are provided for pre-existing diseases as well

  • Services will be provided for any injuries that may happen due to consumption of alcohol

  • Services will be provided for any injuries that may happen due to adventure activities/sports

  • Services are available for all age groups