How to let your age not show

  • By Team TDO

Here are some ways to slow down the ageing process:

Drink plenty of water: It is essential for the normal skin. It reduces wrinkling. It delays the process of ageing. It makes the skin glowing. Water is also important for proper working of remaining system of body. It removes waste product from body and increases your energy level.

Eat Variety of foods: Following are some of the most important constituents of diet.

  1. Cereals and millets
  2. Milk & milk products
  3. Pulses
  4. Poultry food
  5. Vegetables & fruits
  6. Fats & oil (Unsaturated Fatty Acid)
  7. Sugar in moderation

Have a balanced and healthy diet. Above food items provides carbohydrates, proteins, essential fatty acids, iron, vitamins and calcium.

Make it essential to have raw vegetables and fruit diet. Fruits are high in fiber and vitamin and enable good nourishment. Fruit extracts are also used in preparation of certain skin applicants. They have skin nourishing action.

Vegetables especially leafy green vegetables are very helpful. They are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins & fiber. Yellow & orange coloured vegetables have beta-carotene and vitamin A. It is one of the antioxidant. It prevents us from a variety of disorders including cancer. Person should consume vegetables at least 3 times/day.

Avoid food items which are rich in saturated fatty acids. Avoid cholesterol-rich food items.

Avoid junk food, packet food and food items which are rich in salts and preservatives.

Go for nuts like peanuts, walnut, almond, pistachio and cashew. They are rich in protein, calcium and iron.

Have adequate sleep: Sleep duration varies from person to person. Generally 7-8 hours of sleep is considered to be normal. Adequate sleep results in normal growth and metabolism within body.

Exercise daily: It has multiple advantages. It helps keep the body fit. It increases immunity and prevents us from a variety of illnesses. It also prevents ageing. It is essential for overall well being of an individual.

Use sunscreen lotion: You can consult your physician before using skin products. Sunscreen lotion prevents your skin from ultraviolet rays. Hence reduces tanning. It helps in elevating moisture level. Regular use prevents dark circles, acne, dryness and wrinkling.