Massage - A luxury for your mind, a necessity for your body

  • By Team TDO

Our bodies need nourishment and relaxation in order to work effectively. Just as a car or machine needs regular maintenance, our bodies too need daily maintenance like brushing, bathing and, yes, massages.

Massage is often considered a luxury. However, you don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good body massage. You can get one in the comfort of your home (assuming a family member is willing, of course!). In addition, there are several health benefits if you get them regularly.

Body oils used for massages have therapeutic benefits. A variety of them are available in stores, which make your body smooth and healthy.

Our skin is exposed to changes with the changing weather and seasons. Body oils work as moisturizers to your skin. Use natural oils for body massage which do not contain any artificial fragrance or color and are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to your skin.

Here are a couple of natural body oils that you can make in your own home.

Herbal massage oil:

  1. Coriander 3 drops
  2. Lime 2 drops
  3. Rose water 2 drops
  4. Add 1-2 spoons of base oil like sesame oil or coconut oil

Fragrant sandalwood oil:

  1. 6 drops sandalwood oil
  2. 2 drops lavender oil
  3. 2 drops rosewood oil
  4. Add 1-2 spoons of base oil

Health benefits of massages

  1. Increases blood circulation to all parts.
  2. Improves movements of different joints and tendons.
  3. Improves skin health, making it soft and glowing
  4. Reduces stress, anxiety and improves emotional well being.

Giving effective massages

  1. It is important to know, how to give the body massage treatment to different body parts like toes, legs, thighs, back, chest, stomach, neck, and even head. Giving individual attention to each body part will improve energy in the body enormously and will improve strengthening of the individual parts as well.
  2. It is very comforting to massage the arms, especially for people who keep them extended working at computers.
  3. Many people you know would appreciate a leg massage, actually anyone who spends time standing each day.
  4. Massage should be done on a comfortable firm surface.
  5. Turn the lights down low.
  6. Turn on some soft music and set the mood for total relaxation.
  7. Keep everything ready. Warm up your favorite body oil.
  8. Work from head to toe.
  9. A body massage on a regular basis with natural body oil will relieve you from back pain, and minimize the chances of day-to-day stress and muscular cramps.

So, go ahead and pamper yourself with a massage.