Exercise, a healthy way to deal with hypertension

  • By Team TDO

You have not exercised for a long time. You took it easy when it came to physical activity. Now that you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you will do anything to control it. Even exercise!

Exercise, weight management, and a healthy diet are important ways to help prevent high blood pressure and lower the blood pressure that is already high. Benefits of exercise for people with hypertension include:

  1. Improve blood and oxygen circulation in the body
  2. Promotes sound sleep
  3. Improves stamina and endurance
  4. Keeps heart healthy
  5. Reduces stress and promotes mental health
  6. Exercise enhances the effectiveness of medication

So how much should one exercise?

An exercise session of atleast 30 minutes per day is important.

Get started

Start slowly and increase gradually. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of exercise and increase it, as youget comfortable. Choose exercises you enjoy and will do consistently. Avoid sudden vigorous activities; they can cause injuries and hamper the routine.

Warm up

Warming up helps the body adjust slowly from rest to exercise. A warm-up will reduce stress on the body muscles, increase heart rate and respiratory rate, and body temperature slowly. It will also decrease soreness of muscles.

Best exercises for lowering blood pressure

  1. Stretching: It is the best. It relaxes and helps prepare the body and muscles for activity and prevents injury and muscle strain. Stretching regularly will make you flexible and improve motility.
  2. Aerobic exercise: This helps to improve circulation to the entire body. It improves heart function. It gives maximum benefits to the heart. They also help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure by improving breathing pattern thus lowering blood pressure. Walking, swimming, jogging, and skipping are all aerobic activities. Do aerobics for at least 30 minutes three times a week.
  3. Strengthening exercises: These include exercises that have repeated muscle contractions till the muscles are tired. These include side balance crunch, climbing a rope, and push-ups. Join a gym.

Here are some exercise guidelines for a better exercising routine in the gym:

  1. Schedule a fixed time for exercise.
  2. Find a buddy to exercise with you.
  3. Select an exercise that you like.
  4. Make variations to avoid getting bored. Boredom can make you stop exercising.
  5. Start slowly and increase gradually, especially if you do not exercise regularly.
  6. You should wait for an hour after eating before you exercise.
  7. Ten minutes of warm up and ten minutes of cool down sessions are must
  8. Keep a record of daily exercise.