5 Common mistakes that we make while buying food

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Here are the most common mistakes we make while we go out to buy food:

  1. Buying vegetables for the entire week! Though suitable for busy people, it is actually an unhealthy way to buy food. Foods stored in the refrigerator tend to lose their nutrient value quickly. Also, the chances of the vegetables going stale are also high. It is, therefore, advisable to shop for a maximum of 2 days at a time.
  2. Shopping without a plan!Make your visit to the supermarket a planned one, and always carry a list of what you have to buy. When you go without a prior idea, you end up buying things randomly. This ends up wasting your money and time.
  3. Buying processed foods!Most of the times these foods are not really that healthy. Nothing beats healthy home-cooked food.
  4. Eating food off the rack!When you shop for foods off the racks, it doesn’t mean you can consume them as they come! Make sure you wash and clean all the fruits and vegetables well before eating them.
  5. Not knowing when the local store restocks!This is one of the most important points to know when you buy food. Most of the green grocers buy stuff in lots, and if you do not know when they restock, then you may end up going for shopping on the wrong day! The same goes for meat and fish shopping.

You are what you eat. So eat healthy and stay healthy!