Walk for a better life!

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Exercising is very important for a healthy body. It keeps several diseases at bay. Experts suggest that a minimum of 30 minutes should be carved out of our daily schedules for exercising. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and heavy workouts; a simple walk can be a life saver too.

Brisk walking for 30 minutes also helps immensely. The key being, you do it regularly.

Here are 05 reasons why you should start walking immediately:

  1. Feeling energized all day: When you go for a walk in the morning blood vessels dilate causing an improvement in the supply of blood and oxygen to the tissues. This burst of energy lasts through the day making you feel fresh and active all along.
  2. Stress buster: Walking has been proven scientifically to release stress and achieve calmness. This is because it releases the feel good hormone-endorphin that makes you feel elated and automatically improve your mood and feelings. It also releases epinephrine that makes you alert and more attentive.
  3. Defense Mechanism: Walking improves the white blood cell count in the body. They are the body’s first line of defense. Regular exercise in the form of walking also prevents you from falling ill frequently. Even if you do fall ill, you’ll recover faster.
  4. Heart Help: Walking keeps the heart functioning in optimum condition. A strong and healthy heart is less prone to develop complications like heart attacks and hypertension.
  5. Burns fat at rest too: Brisk walking increases the metabolic rate of the body and this increased rate continues even after you are done. This means you keep burning fat even when you are resting.

A recent study found that most youngsters below 30 are not able to walk for more than 10 minutes a day. Shocking but true! Sedentary lifestyle has begun taking a heavy toll on our lives.