Weight loss tricks : 5 bad foods turned good!

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

When you are determined to lose weight, you invariably, see sinful, seductive temptations all around, trying to make your resolve crumble, or shake, at least. However, according to health experts, certain delicious foods which have always been considered bad for weight loss can actually be good, if you eat them at the right time and in appropriate proportion.

Here are five such foods:


‘If you want to cut down on the calories and save your body from high cholesterol, eat less meat’ is the first warning from most health experts. Generally, a lean cut of beef does not contain more saturated fats than a skinless chicken breast of the same size. A steak is rich in proteins and keeps your stomach full for longer periods. So, if you really love your steaks and want to get lots of proteins minus the extra fat, choose the lean cuts of sirloin, tenderloin and eat a limited portion; like the size of your palm.


Eggs are the most debated foods around. Some say, ‘it is a good nutrition source’ while others say that eggs, are bad for your cholesterol. But the latest research studies suggest that eggs, are actually safe and highly nutritious for most adults and if eaten at the time of breakfast, they actually increase your chances of losing weight. This is because eggs are highly rich in proteins that take a lot of time to get fully digested. So, when you eat an egg early in the morning, your stomach feels fuller, for longer and you do not feel the need to eat much for the rest of the day. In this way, eggs can actually help you lose weight.


Talk about a bad reputation! The term "pork" is traditionally used to describe all kinds of excess. No wonder then, the dieters often steer clear of it. But today's cuts of pork tenderloin are actually 31% leaner, than 20 years ago, making this white meat, a lean source of protein with all the benefits of lean beef.


Instead of avoiding pastas when you're dieting, we recommend you make the switch to whole grain pasta and keep your portions small. Research suggests that people, who eat several servings of whole-grain foods in a day, are actually more likely to slim down and maintain healthy weights. According to one study, eating whole grains rather than refined grains, can also help burn the belly fat.


Nuts may be high in fat content, but it's the good kind of fat. They are also rich in nutrients, proteins and fiber, which help stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Sure, you'll get a few extra grams of fat from munching on a handful of nuts, but isn’t that worth it, if it stops you from reaching out for those cookies and sweets? In one study people who ate a handful of nuts a day were slimmer and even lived longer! Believe it or not, even peanut butter can actually be a dieter's friend. So stop worrying and just go nuts.