When the grey matters!

  • By Team TDO

Greying of hair happens to all of us at some point in life. Some may get it early and other fortunate ones may get it when they are 50. Premature greying and hair fall is a common problem faced by 70% of females in India these days. What are the causes of greying of hair and what can be done if your hair starts to go grey early? What are the probable causes of grey hair and hair fall?

  1. Deficiency of nutrients in diet.
  2. Excessive stress.
  3. Dandruff.
  4. Diseases like thyroid disorders, anemia, and vitiligo.
  5. Side effects of certain medication.
  6. Hair problems are seen more in women who smoke or drink.
  7. Childbirth and menopause are the periods of life when most of the women invariably have hair loss.
  8. Hereditary pattern of premature greying.
  9. Today’s beauty procedures like coloring, bleaching, dyeing, perming, and straightening cause hair problems at a young age.
  10. Environmental pollution.

Treatment and prevention

  1. Have a balanced diet. Ensure proper nutrients reach your body in every meal.
  2. If you are anemic, treat it with proper medication. This can be an underlying cause.
  3. Have a good sleep.
  4. Avoid tension and stress.
  5. Apply oil regularly and massage.
  6. Drink lots of water.
  7. Avoid exposure to chemicals.

What can be done to hide the grey hair?

  1. Apply amla oil to your hair to make it healthy.
  2. Apply henna, lemon juice, fenugreek seeds paste, made in an iron container, on your hair to give them a color and reduce greying.
  3. Boil gooseberry pieces in coconut oil. When they turn black apply it on the hair.
  4. If you have 45-50% grey hair then you can use a permanent hair color.