Double chin - Double the embarrassment!

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Smile a lot, it will make your double chin disappear!

Double chin clearly shows that you are overweight. Though one would love to get rid of the double chin as soon as possible, things are not that easy. Cosmetic procedures like liposuction are not pocket-friendly either. So what can one do? Here are a few tips to get rid of the unwanted chin:

  1. Get the posture right: Slouching can make you look worse. Straighten up while you sit and walk. It will make the chin less visible.
  2. Smile: Smile a lot. Not only will people start appreciating your cheerfulness, but your chin muscles will also get pulled up.
  3. The Ceiling Kiss: Look up at your ceiling and blow it a kiss. You never will be more thankful to your ceiling. Repeat this kissing session as often as you can in a day and you will find that this in fact is the best form of exercise for your facial muscles.
  4. Rolling Head: This is another simple exercise with great results. Sit or stand with your spine straight. Gently roll your head to one side to the fullest extent possible. Hold it for a few seconds. Bring it back to the normal position. Now roll it to the other side in the same way. Do 5 repetitions for each side.
  5. Open mouth: This is an open-mouthed wonder exercise for your double chin. It is extremely simple. Open your mouth wide and hold it that way for about 10 seconds. It helps if there is some stress below the chin, so place a soft stress ball below your chin while doing this exercise.
  6. Exercising: Whole body exercising has no substitute. When you work out, your whole body gets benefitted and fat is lost from all over the body. The first place that the body loses fat from is the face. So get up and hit the gym.
  7. Home Remedies: Massaging your neck and chin with wheat germ oil or cocoa butter is a great way to reduce double chin. Regularly drinking green tea also helps to a great extent.

Double chin is the subcutaneous collection of fat below the chin. This is unsightly and the main reason for it is being overweight.

Nature has blessed us with two eyes, two hands, two legs and even two kidneys. But two chins is not something that nature intended you to have.