Strengthen your core muscles with Pilates

  • By Team TDO

So what exactly is Pilates?

Pilates involves the development of core muscles, either through the use of resistance providing equipment, or by using the body’s own weight to offer resistance.

Interestingly, although Pilates is a worldwide rage right now, it has been around since the times of World War 1, when Joseph Pilates, the founder of this core strengthening workout, actually started propounding it in a prison camp. Joseph Pilates discovered unique methods of integrating the body and mind while developing his extremely effective system of exercise.

The 6 fundamental principles of Pilates are: centering, control, breathing, fluid movement, form and concentration.

  1. Centering
  2. Control
  3. Breathing
  4. Fluid movement
  5. Form
  6. Concentration

According to Lara Hudson, the star of ‘The 10 Minute Solution: Pilates’ and the owner of The Mercury Fitness Pilates Center in San Francisco, “Pilates also focuses on the muscles around your joints, especially hips and shoulders, where you work to refine smaller muscles in those areas.”

As per Hudson, Pilates balances the muscle system so that no single muscle group is stronger than the other. Since there is nothing pulling adversely on the skeletal frame, no injuries occur because of muscular imbalance. The workouts should help you do many activities with more energy and efficiency - playing golf, running, cycling, walking or sitting at your desk.

It was while working as a circus performer, that Joseph Pilates, through his perseverance and sound knowledge of the human anatomy, first began developing this effective discipline which today brings astounding results to its practitioners.

Here are 2 books which will introduce the reader to the fascinating mind behind the science of wellness-

  1. Return to Life through Contrology (1945) with William J. Miller.
  2. Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising That Revolutionizes the Entire Field of Physical Education (1934)

In addition to these, there are scores of DVDs and online Pilates Mat Floor exercise videos that one can avail online.