Acne treatment - Get it right

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Here are the most common mistakes we commit when it comes to acne.

  1. Skipping the moisturizer :
    Acne happens to people who are oily skinned. Hence it would make sense to avoid the moisturizer, so say the well-wishers! This is completely untrue. If you do not apply any moisturizer and use drying-out agents like soap, the skin will produce more oil to compensate the dryness. You will end up with a fresh sprout of acne.
  2. Washing the face regularly :
    Though it may be a good idea to rid your face of the excess oil and grime, be careful of not over-drying your face. The resultant dryness would lead to more oil production and new lesions developing. Make sure you avoid using harsh soaps on your face, go for gentle cleansers instead.
  3. Scrubbing :
    Scrubbing regularly helps to open the pores and let out all the dirt and oil clogged inside. Do not rub on acne eruptions though, as this may break open the pimple and let out the bacteria that will spread and create new eruptions. Also, scrubbing an acne prone skin too often will only activate the oil glands more and lead to more oil production.
  4. Avoid oily food :
    This is an age old myth that everyone follows religiously. There has been no proven record of excess oil causing more sprouts of acne to crop up. Too much of junk and oily food is not good for your overall heath, the skin included. Instead, opt for green vegetables and fresh fruits and nuts that are rich in antioxidants.
  5. Hot water rinsing :
    Hot water will kill the acne bacteria and cure your pimples, you think? Well, hot water can damage the skin’s fine capillaries and give your skin a blotchy raw appearance. It also sends your oil glands into an overdrive! Tepid water is the best for cleaning an acne-prone face.
  6. Pimple Popping :
    Waking up on a morning with a pimple can be terrible, especially if you have a hot date in the evening! The easy way out is to pop it out, right? Wrong! Popping the pimple will cause the bacteria to arrive out and spread happily to other places on your face. So instead of ridding your face off that one zit, you are laying the ground for many more!