Seven eleven breathing: A must

  • By Team TDO

Today's world seems to have no inkling about the immense benefits controlled breathing can provide. The ancient disciplines including Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts etc. place high attention on the method of correct breathing and believe that without perfect breathing techniques it is not possible to achieve perfection in any of these disciplines. Seven eleven breathing is helpful in treating all types of mental states such as depression, anxiety, difficulty in concentration or lack of sleep.

The Secret of seven eleven breathing

This type of breathing is very effective in lowering stress and anxiety that is a major problem with most of the people in today's highly competitive world. During the process, you take in the breath by counting seven and exhale counting eleven. The idea is to breathe out slowly than breathing in. This stimulates the natural relaxation mechanism of the body. Regular practice stimulates parasympathetic nervous system. The simplest method is to keep on counting seven while inhaling and eleven while exhaling. This miraculous and highly effective breathing therapy can be tried anywhere - on a bus, in bed or on a train or even while, you are walking slowly taking a stroll.

Why should you count?

When you are counting the breathing, you are distracted from your worries and thoughts. As long as you inhale and exhale, counting repeatedly, your mind will be free from stress. To make this work for you, it is important that you inhale slightly harder, but when you breathe out you should do it gently and slowly. To start with, you should keep the seven eleven breathing according to your own comfort level. It is not necessary that you breathe particularly slow or deep. However, it is important that you keep the breathing rate constant.

How long should you practice this?

You should start with 10 minutes a day first. As you adapt to the technique you can increase the timing to 20 minutes. Although breathing is natural to every living thing, to practice counting and breathing takes time. Initially it can be hard, but you should practice it with patience and as your concentration on the counting increases, you will get a hang of it. It is like learning to drive a car or riding a cycle. Initially you are anxious and bit frightened but as you practice and learn it to perfection, you feel like driving it more frequently.

How does seven eleven breathing helps?

In day-to-day life, we go through lots of emotional and physical struggle. Emotions such as jealousy, frustration, hatred, greed, love, anger, sadness, disgust, grief, impatience, excitement keep on attacking your mind like huge waves. Your actions are influenced by your emotional state of mind and your thoughts. You cannot stop the emotions from causing ripple in your mind. However, you can control the extent they affect your actions. With this breathing technique, you become more patient and learn to analyze things in better way. Hence, if you are jealous of someone, angry with someone, you learn to control your jealousy or your anger and your actions are not affected by your state of mind. This certainly helps you to achieve more mental stability and become a better person.