Dancing is good for health

  • By Team TDO

The various health benefits are listed below:

  1. It increases lots of endurance and stamina. As there is increased activity levels that are required for dancing. Dancing needs a lot of practice. When a person practices, the heart rate of the person increases due to the exercise involved. This in turn increases the ability of the individual’s body to withstand more physical exertion, thus increases the stamina and the endurance.
  2. It increases the flexibility of the body. As the dancers body bends and stretches into various positions. This increases the muscle work. Each of the muscle groups of the body goes through a full range of movement. This helps the muscles to have increased flexibility. The full stretch that the muscles undergo as part of the dancing routine help to prevent muscular problems like stiffness and contracture of the various joints that are related to tight muscles.
  3. It also has psychological benefits. Dancing also helps the individual to have many psychological benefits. The person is able to relax from the daily pressures of life. Dancing helps the individual doing this activity to have all the benefits of a hobby. Depression is relieved and the person has a feeling of well being.
  4. It helps to lose weight. The person who dances regularly is able to maintain the weight and prevent it from increasing. This in turn prevents various diseases.
  5. Regular physical activity like dancing helps the individual to reduce the risk of getting cholesterol and hypertension. When cholesterol and hypertension decrease, the risk of heart disease also decreases
  6. As the individual dances, the person is able to get the muscles of the body strengthened. The dancing also helps to improve the strength of the skeletal system by making the bones stronger.

More children should be encouraged to take up dancing as a hobby from a young age. This will ensure good health and well being