Core exercises: To strengthen the core muscles

  • By Team TDO

Here are the top few:
Core exercises help prevent injuries

It takes much more than a couple of crunches for developing a strong core. You need to develop a strong torso that means building both core strength and core stability. You should start with building the core stability first and then work upon core strength. Once you get the deeper muscles working strongly, your overall fitness improves and makes you less vulnerable to injury. Although it is a common belief that the movement starts externally, it actually starts at the center. A strong and solid center will ensure pain-free and strong movements. One of the most effective and simple core exercises for stability is drawing the abdominal muscles away from the pant line. To do so, hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax. You should do this exercise at least 10 times a day.

Protecting the central nervous system and inner organs

Protecting your vital systems that lay below the surface is an essential part of protection. Apart from the central nervous system and the functioning organs, your core also includes the areas where your arteries and veins are based. Strong core muscles ensure that all your organs, networking veins and arteries are protected while you are working throughout the day.

Core exercises should be included in your regular fitness routine as they make you strong and stable internally.

Treating Back pain

One of the common examples of a weak core is back pain. When the abdominal muscles are weak, it is mostly because the back muscles are more strong than required. If the core muscles become strong, both the front and back; parts of the body will remain in an equally balanced state and have equal strength. In many cases, problems such as the spine discs or tilted pelvis problems are caused because people sit in one position for longer periods. Performing a stability ball exercise helps to reduce such problems.

Confidence with a strong posture

If you have strong core muscles, you will have an upright and tall posture that automatically exudes strength. It shows that the person is confident and in control of all the things in his life. A slumped posture on the other hand indicates weak and defeated personality. Maintaining a good posture while working or driving the car helps you develop a habit of sitting properly and upright at all times, thereby giving your abdomen and spine a natural core workout.

Look great in all dresses

A great looking body will not only turn heads but will also make you feel great. With superb core strength and stability, you look more relaxed yet perfectly fit for all types of adventures and activities. Performing core exercises regularly such as bridge, plank and abdominal moves helps you gain absolute core stability and strength. You can also try out stability balls and Bosu to enhance the strength of your core.