Yoga for irregular shift workers

  • By Team TDO

Night shifts have become inevitable part of career options today. Today’s low-cost, high-productivity jobs alter the biological clock of the body thus leading to numerous diseases.

Sleeplessness and constipation are the most common problems faced.

Yoga nidra is the solution to insomnia. This technique of 'Yoga Nidra' or psychic sleep if practiced correctly gives a deep relaxation and good sleep four times better that the usual night’s sleep. Even if the person sleeps for an hour, it is equal to 4 hours of deep sleep.

Constipation is common amongst shift workers. Slowing down of heart rate, blood circulation takes place with slow metabolism. As the person sits upright, for e.g. call centre executives, the blood accumulates around the pelvis, lower abdomen and legs. This causes the blood vessels around the colon to dilate, thereby constricting the passage and resulting in constipation. Prolonged effect of this condition can result in piles.

A yoga posture called 'Sarvangasana' is the solution, a pose in which legs are raised up slowly while lying on back. In the final position, only the head and neck rests on the floor while the entire torso and legs lie vertical to the ground in the inverted position.

This helps to move accumulated blood in the lower abdomen upwards and oxygenation of blood from colon. Sarvangasana for 5 minutes can suffice.

These techniques can be learned from a yoga teacher or even from a book or tape. Learning from teacher would be the best.