Fighting fatty belly - Tips to reduce abdominal fat

  • By Team TDO

May it be for men or for women, an expanding waistline should be a matter of great concern. It may not be resulting to exceed your limit of "fit-body weight," but it is a risk factor for multiple disorders for your lifetime – sleep apnea (snoring problems), heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, to name a few. Now you have to decide whether you want to live in pain with your adorable wealthy tummy or get rid of it and live a fitter, healthier life. And trust the experts – if you think you are only in your thirties, this is the right time to reshape.

What is abdominal fat and what causes it?

Many live in the doubt that the belly fat is just an extra layer of flab under the skin (subcutaneous). It is NOT. It also includes the lipids deposited inside your abdominal cavity and around the internal organs such as liver, intestine, etc. The main causing factors are –

  1. Junk foods and fatty food materials
  2. Very less exercise and physical activity
  3. Consuming too much of alcohol
  4. Irregular diet or sleep
  5. Increasing age
  6. Hereditary (family) tendency of being overweight or obesity
  7. Underlying disease, etc.

Although the last three factors are beyond our control, we can always find a way out of the other four. Here are some tips for curbing that extra fat in abdomen :

Diet dictate :
There will always be the little more place for a delicious dessert after dinner or that middle-of-the-night craving for a chocolate or a pan pizza. Sugary and fatty foods add up to your waistline bunch. So, shed that thought from your mind. Saturated fats in the diet are a strict no-no! The mono- and polyunsaturated fats which are abundant in fish, nuts, corn, soybean and vegetable oils are good. Low-fat dairy foods; fruits, vegetables, and grainy foods are the best options to keep fit. Try your hand on tasty oatmeal and muesli recipes for breakfast. Try to avoid meat and high-carb products (sugary treats) as much as you can, and add fibrous foods in your diet.

Do not overeat :
A sumptuous meal might not be a healthy option every time. Eating two-thirds of the served portions in restaurants and cutting down on regular portions at home is recommended to stay in shape. Also don’t go for a constricted diet, as it may take a toll on your overall health. Lesser is better.

Low salt :
A strict limitation on the use of salt in cooking, and removing the salt container from the dining table should be on your to-do list. Fast foods or packaged meals should be avoided as they contain high amount of salts. Remember, high sodium can give you bloating, swelling in your feet, and a lot of other diseases, and it can add up to your abdominal fat as well.

It is recommended that one should have a maximum of 1.5 grams of table salt every day.

Work it out :
Physical activity has no contender in terms of busting the extra fat. If you are a gym goer, you should look out for the exercises such as interval cardio training, LSD (long slow distance) cardio workouts, weight training, etc., from your trainer. One needs to be regular on these fitness regimes. Apart from the gym, simple aerobic workouts or freehand exercises including abdomen crunches can help keeping the flab at bay.

Tread the path :
Sounds too lay, but a brisk walking of 20 minutes or a jogging session each morning can do wonders for your belly. Both men and women of all ages are advised to devote some time for a walk in their ultra-busy schedule. Yes! you can chip it in on your way back home.

The Yoga way :
There are easy and simple postures in this ancient Indian art of exercises called yogasana. The asanas (poses) like Surya Namaskar, Uthkatasana, Vajrasana, or Halasana, among many others, are easy to practice postures which can help to get a toned and healthy belly and a fitter body.

Wet is the word :
Drinking sufficient water can keep you from a lot of health conditions. Yes, abdominal obesity is also on the list. If you do not drink the right amount of water, it will make your body malfunction on the course of digesting foodsand keeping your sodium & potassium levels within the safer range. That, in turn, will add up the fats by the belly-line.

The Alternatives :
Avoid artificial sweetening agents and try out brown sugar (not "the brown sugar," of course!). Go for a cup of green tea or herbal tea which is filled with antioxidants – they help to reduce fat. Brown rice and brown breads are also believed to be healthier options in terms of toned abs.