Learn while you play - Fun games for your toddler!

  • By Team TDO
  1. Colour Day: Teach your child the ‘colours’ the fun way. Choose a color for the day and do all activities keeping in mind the color. Make him wear clothes of the colour chosen for the day, ask him to point out to objects that are in that colour, etc.
  2. Scribbling: Give him a box of crayons and a few pieces of paper. Let him do his doodling. He can then tell you what he has drawn. Be appreciative and encouraging. This will help in developing your toddler’s hand movements.
  3. Indoor basketball: Make small balls out of old newspapers and throw them into the dustbin. See who can throw the farthest. You or your baby? This game is fun and helps in the development of hand-eye coordination.
  4. Do not fall into the sea: This game can help develop your baby’s sense of space and balance. Tell your baby that he has to cross the room by placing his feet on the 'stepping stones' and that he cannot fall into the 'sea carpet'. You can use newspapers for stepping-stones.
  5. Odd man out: This game helps in helping your child understand the concepts of 'same' and 'different'. Place tomatoes in a bowl and add one potato to it. Ask him to point out to the odd one.
  6. Counting: Teach him counting by taking him to a park and counting the number of trees you pass by. You can also count the number of red buses or blue cars on your way back home.
  7. Sharing: Teach your child to share. Give him a packet of biscuits and ask him to go around the house to give one to each member of the house. This helps the child to understand moral values like sharing and also the concept of 'family'.