A baby - proofed guide to childcare

  • By Team TDO

Caring for kids is an important task. Everyone wishes to nourish kids in a loving and caring yet protective atmosphere.

Initial stages of development call for more care and attention. Health, hygiene and safety at home and outside are important when it comes to kids.

Here are a few helpful tips to all the parents:

  1. Nurture your infants with massage. Learn a right way or get it done from a professional. It is a great therapy to make muscles strong and bond with the baby.
  2. Prolonged crying bothers parents a lot. Usually continuous crying for long hours is suggestive of colic or stomach ache. It is the most common problem in kids, the reason being immature gastric system. Do not panic. Keep medicines at hand and give them as per instructions by your kid’s doctor.
  3. Toddlers often insist on being carried even when they know how to walk well. Make sure to hold them comfortably.
  4. Diapering a baby is a skill that must be mastered especially when the baby is fidgety. Holding baby in right position flat on the back simplifies the task. Parents adapt to doing the job effortlessly with practice.
  5. Transition period of swapping from breastfeed to bottle known as weaning is a tough task for most of the babies. Consider gentle weaning strategies advised by the doctors. Do not be abrupt. Go slow!

Some Safety Tips:

  1. Cap and lock the medicines, detergents, chemicals etc. in containers keeping them far away from the children.
  2. Bathingwater should be always checked before bathing the baby.
  3. Do not leave kids alone near water tub or any water source alone.
  4. Avoid leaving baby in a highchair to prevent injuries such asbaby climbing out, falling, or sliding.
  5. Lock up all the knives, matches, and plastic bags away from children to prevent poisonings, bleeding injuries, burns and suffocation.