When the baby turns your world topsy-turvy

  • By Team TDO

When the baby enters your world, there are a lot of physical and emotional changes that one experiences. But once you recover from the delivery, the other changes begin to sink in. Your whole life revolves around the baby. Though these changes affect every member of the family, the most profound impact is on the new mom.

These changes may seem to be harmless or mild, but if not dealt properly, they can make you go nuts. So, what can be done to cope with these changes?

First let us learn the most likely changes to occur after the baby’s birth.

  1. Sleep deprivation due to the baby crying during the night.
  2. Not having proper food.
  3. Giving up your favourite snacks for the baby’s sake.
  4. Unable to concentrate on office or house work.
  5. Not able to spend intimate time with your partner.
  6. Increased irritability due to hormonal changes.
  7. Post-delivery depression.
  8. No free time since you are 24/7 on duty for the baby.

So how to cope with these changes?

You are brave enough to face the realities: Though you cannot anticipate all the changes that take place when a baby enters your world, you should get yourself mentally ready to face these changes.Thus when you alter you expectations, facing the challenge becomes easier.

You are not alone: These changes are faced by all mothers including your mother too when you were born. If others can come through these hardships, then why can’t you?

You will always have a support: Always keep in mind that parenting is not your sole responsibility.It is a shared responsibility between husband and wife, especially in this day and age when women have as hectic a work life as their husbands. Whenever you feel like you have given up, just cuddle into your husband arms and talk to him. He will always be the best person to support you. You can also ask for your or your husband’s mother’s help in baby care and day-to-day assistance. Grandparents love to help out.

Apart from this keep this checklist with you to ensure you are in good shape.

  1. Grab the opportunity to rest during the baby care.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Ask for assistance from husband, relatives or friends.
  4. Eat healthy to build your strength.
  5. Join a mother’s group to share your experiences and getting advice.
  6. Never miss out when the baby smiles at you. It will be the best motivator.
  7. Take a hot water shower.
  8. Step out of the house to get fresh air.

And do remember there is a positive side to all the troubles you takefor the baby.

  1. You respect your body more than ever.
  2. You feel proud to say that you are a mom now.
  3. No time to feel bored or unoccupied.
  4. You are an early morning person now.
  5. You realize that true joy is not associated with money.
  6. You are more organized and clean person.

Finally, keep in mind that this is just a temporary phase of life. If negative thoughts come to your mind, counteract them by telling yourself that you are not the first one, and that you have all the support of your loved ones.