16 myths about baby care

  • By Team TDO

A new mother experiences a range of emotions. Chief among these is fear, which is a result of the love and attachment that she feels for the baby. In such situations, mothers often tend to believe myths that make no logical or medical sense.

Myth 1: If I don't breastfeed my baby immediately after the birth, I won't be able to bond with him adequately.

Fact: Although the first few hours of a baby's life are important for both mother and child, sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, the baby is kept away from the mother. For instance, in cases of cesarean delivery, the new born babies need immediate medical attention, and hence are kept away from the mothers.

However, the love and care you show the child over the years will more than make up for the loss of attachment with the baby during its first few hours.

Myth 2: Pinching the baby’s nose will make it pointed.

Fact: Pinching the nose will only hurt the baby. It will not make the nose pointed. It is possible for a baby to be born with a flat or tilted nose if it gets pressed during delivery. But this is temporary and the nose becomes normal as the nasal bridge develops completely.

Myth 3: Mothers should not use yellow clothes and yellow food while breastfeeding as it causes jaundice in the newborn.

Fact: The color of the mother's clothes can't affect the baby's health. There isn't any evidence to show the relationship between yellow food, clothes and jaundice.

Myth 4: Umbilical cord stump should be cleaned with alcohol swab every time after changing diaper.

Fact: Alcohol may delay the healing. It is recommended to keep stump clean and dry till it falls off.

Myth 5: Some babies can be allergic to mother's milk.

Fact: No. A baby is never allergic to mother's milk.

Myth 6: Baby should be wrapped up tightly. This helps to straighten the hands and feet.

Fact: A child's limbs develop faster when they are free to move and not wrapped.

Myth 7: Holding the baby all the time will spoil him.

Fact: Babies cry to express pain, anger, irritability, hunger, sleep everything. Holding or picking him up to comfort won't make him a spoiled child.

Myth 8: Do not take your newborn baby outside. Always keep him in the house.
Fact: Fresh air is good for the baby too. Just avoid heat, crowds and unhygienic places.

Myth 9: Vaccines cause autism. Do not vaccinate the baby.

Fact: It is a rumor. Immunization is very important to protect the baby against a number of diseases.

Myth 10: Babies do not spit up if they are breastfed.

Fact: It is normal for the babies to burp, spit up, and drool. Do not worry about it if the baby is gaining weight normally.

Myth 11: Sleeping on the head causes flat head.

Fact: It is advised medically that all babies should sleep on the back to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Alternate the head position daily as flat head can be caused only if baby sleeps in same position daily for long time. It is an occasional occurrence.

Myth 12: Putting few drops of oil in baby's ears will keep it clean.

Fact: Do not put oil in the baby's ears. It can hurt the tiny eardrums leading to pain, soreness, and even hearing loss. Oil can cause ear infection too.

Myth 13: Use crib bumpers to protect head of your baby.

Fact: They are not advisable. The baby's head can get wedged against a bumper causing strangulation or suffocation. Bumpers are dangerous.

Myth 14: Stop mother's milk if baby fed only on breast milk has loose motions.

Fact: Passing 5-6 loose motions is normal in a baby. Continue to breastfeed. Do not stop it.

Myth 15: Attention span is very short in babies.

Fact: Babies, in fact, have excellent attention spans and have interest in the all things around them. This is why babies learn things so quickly.

Myth 16: Wrap up the baby in blanket if he has fever. Sweating will bring the fever down.

Fact: The fever will rise if you wrap the baby in a blanket. Try to keep the child cool and sponge him with cold/warm water to bring down the fever with the doctor's advice.