Avoiding nappy rash – A few words of advice

  • By Sanjay Akolkar

Nappy rash is a skin condition that takes its name from the nappy in which a baby is wrapped. It is a reddish rash, or tender skin around the buttocks and inner thighs of babies, which occurs due to prolonged wetness from either urine, or stools, or both.

Nappy rash may be in the form of an unusually tender bottom on a child, or an inflammation around the genitals, and inner thighs, or folds of the skin. It generally occurs in really small babies, less than a year old. Most times, nappy rash is not a very serious condition, provided care is taken.

No matter what type of nappy you use, whether promising complete dryness, or absorbent nappies, your baby is likely to develop ‘nappy rash’ at least once. The rash can make the baby feel uncomfortable, and cranky as a result.

Steps to avoid nappy rash:

  1. Always ensure that your baby’s bottom remains dry by changing nappies at regular intervals. Use a mild medicated baby soap which will help in keeping the skin around the inner thighs and buttocks soft.
  2. Give your baby some nappy free hours. You will be the best judge to know when she is likely to have comparatively dry spells, which can allow the skin and parts below the waist some breathing space.
  3. Regular bathing should take care of most rash related problems. Use an emollient, or medicated soap for bathing.
  4. Sometimes, nappy rash is a result of a thrush or yeast infection. The baby’s resistance at these times is low so that it allows the yeast to thrive in the form of ugly red patches. Always show a medic to rule out the possibility of bacterial infections. Anti-fungal creams should also take care of normal nappy rashes.