Let the sunshine of your care help your baby get through winter

  • By Team TDO

Winter is the time when flu germs thrive due to the general dryness of the weather. Newborns can be susceptible to catch these flu germs especially since their tiny hands much like proboscis touch surfaces and then try to get a taste of what they have touched! Contaminated surfaces could then easily lead to infections in newborns.

So, during winter one should wash or at least wipe the baby’s hands with lukewarm bath water to ensure clean little hands. Try and avoid letting others touch your baby or play with it as serious infections could be transmitted through touch. Of course, it is always difficult to not allow people to come close to the baby especially in parks and other public places, but you need to firm about letting anyone touch your baby without a show of hands!

Yes, you could end up hurting people’s sentiments, after all, they are just trying to play with your baby. There is no happier sight than a baby all wrapped up in its little red winter wear and enjoying a ride in its pram in the park. Enough for a dozen pair of hands fondly touching the bonny baby’s cheeks. However, this is the main reason for a new born to contract a range of viral infections like cold, cough, flu, throat infections and abdominal infections.

Parents should as far as possible try and avoid exposing the baby to crowded places like public parks or markets as typhoid causing bugs could be rampant during winter.

Make sure you cover your newborn’s ears as the chill might cause ear pain and serious ear infections.

If your notice that your baby’s breath is wheezing or it has a runny nose, do get him to a doctor to rule out the possibility of a chest infection. Always ensure that the baby is covered with warm clothes during winters. Warm baths or sponges along with massage will ensure that the baby’s blood circulation remains free and healthy. Winter can cause cramps in the feet and a gentle massage can ensure supple limbs.

Use baby lotion or massage oils for baby skin care in those winter months. The lips and exposed skin could get chaffed so ensure that the skin breathes enough.

Dehydration is also common in babies during the winter months. Ensure rehydration. Feed appropriately.

Even if you don’t fit a dehumidifier, at least ensure that the baby lives in proper ventilation as that can prevent chest congestion and keep the nasal passages open. Don’t miss out on vaccinations or pre-winter check appointment with the pediatrician.