Baby tracker apps - A new rage amongst tech-savvy parents

  • By Team TDO

Speaking of apps tracking baby growth in utero, did you know that there are many apps that can actually keep an eye on your baby’s every single moment as well as milestones while you are away? Yes! You can witness those milestones and moments, all thanks to technology. Now imagine a scenario where both parents are working and they have no one but the nanny to help take care of the precious bundle of joy but you are a bit weary, what do you do? Just install a nanny camera in your baby’s nursery, download it’s app and voila, now you watch your baby eat, sleep and poop all in one go, worried about your baby going for an outing without you, just install a GPS device on to your baby’s stroller and you are good to go.

These days with the technology so advanced, there are almost a thousand different baby apps for your baby’s every need, be it eating, sleeping, growth and even story telling perhaps but it’s not all song and dance. So, here is a look at whether the apps are a boon or a bane:

The plus points that these apps have included:

  1. Security, these baby tracking apps are safe and secure and they can be used easily
  2. We can track our baby’s progress from any nook and cranny of the world
  3. Easy to use with multiple features
  4. They can be discrete, meaning that the baby won’t be disturbed by them
  5. They help you understand your baby’s needs
  6. You also keep a tab on the nanny’s as well the baby’s activities
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Cost Effective
  9. Potential threatening situations can be avoided

Now let’s look at the bane part of it

  1. These apps can be misused by miscreants
  2. Not every app being used can be user friendly
  3. Their reach at times can be limited
  4. Wrong information might be displayed
  5. Frequent malfunctioning
  6. The baby’s needs can be ignored due to mixed signals on the app
  7. Limited contact with outer world due to these apps
  8. Limited interaction with babies around the same age as yours’.

We all love technology albeit a little too much, so much so that we rely on it for every single thing. While these apps may very well have all the parenting features installed, no one and nothing can replace the actual parent, so it is up to you to strike a balance between the virtual parting and the real one.