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Gear up your baby for the winter

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Winter blows in with harsh cold winds and dry weather. At times like these, as a protective mother, you would want your baby all wrapped up, with bundles of warm clothes up your sleeve that will protect it from the chill, but all you end up with is a crying, cranky baby who refuses to be covered! So what do you do? Follow these tips and get the right clothes for your baby.

Keeping your baby warm can be tricky. Experts suggest not piling blankets on your baby to protect it from the cold weather. Doing this could very well lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Laying him on his back with little or no covering is ideal, but what does one do in the winters?

Creating a cozy environment is the answer here. Choose a warm flannel sheet for your baby's crib. Soft one-piece sleepers help your baby stay warm all night by keeping the child covered from head to toe. A sleeveless blanket that zips up in the front is also a good option. It gives the baby the freedom to move about his hands while the rest of the body is covered up.

Going out with baby in winter needs special preparation. Direct exposure to the harsh weather will be involved and you need to be prepared for it.

For such outings, go for clothes that can be worn easily and are also easy to pull off in case of diaper emergencies. Most parents prefer onesies that rip off at the crotch for this purpose.

A two-piece garment is also ideal as it would mean that there is no need to remove and re-assemble the entire outfit while changing diapers.

Hat and mittens are the next must-haves while taking the baby out during winters. Also make sure your baby has warm socks and booties on.

In addition to this, wrap your baby in a warm blanket while you are out. Make sure you remove off one layer, i.e. at least the blanket, once you are indoors. This will help the baby to cool down a bit and not perspire.

The winter sun can be harsh on your baby’s skin. Do not forget to dab a little sunscreen on the parts that will be exposed. The sensitive skin of your baby can become quite dry and rough in winters. Always keep moisturizing lotions/creams handy and use them liberally every day.

While shopping for clothes, always choose clothes keeping in mind the freedom of movement for your baby. The clothes shouldn’t constrict the baby in any way.

Avoid the ones that are too tight around the neck. Clothes that come with strings and ties should also be avoided as they can be a choking hazard if not tied up properly or tied too tight.

Open necked shirts, loose trousers and onesies are the most-preferred options.

Choosing the right clothes can be a trying task for any new mother. Keep in mind that while you want your baby to look cute, the comfort and protection that clothes provide are more important.