You are being watched - Set the right example for younger siblings

  • By Team TDO

Are you an elder brother or sister? Being elder brings mixed emotions. You feel responsible and in charge.

Sometimes it is difficult to live up to the high standards. Parents are always asking you to put up the best behaviour because the younger one may get easily influenced. Some feel sibling rivalry creeping in and some becomebest friends with their younger siblings.

Looking at the positive side, think about it - isn't it absolutely flattering to be the role model for your younger sibling? The younger ones adore you and follow you incessantly. Everything you do or say creates an impact on them. That is a lot of power; use it to the best advantage and set good examples for your younger brother or sister.

Involve and engage

It is important to have a strong relationship with your siblings, only then will you be able to guide them or take care of them. Involve them in activities; engage them in things they enjoy. Spending quality time together will strengthen your bonds.

Simple manners

Basics like treating elders with respect, strangers with courtesy and younger ones with care; are simple manners which you can build in your siblings. Do this by following them yourself, they will watch and learn.

Stay connected

Even if you are not in the same physical space as your siblings, stay connected. Talk to them and meet them regularly. Make sure you are reachable at all times - to share joys, as well as sorrows.

Be a friend, not just a preacher

You may be elder, but you are not an authority. Be a friend, treat them as equals. This will help them stay close to you and open up easily.


Mind your language when they are around. If your sibling is too young, he/she may pick up bad words very quickly, without even understanding the meaning of them.

Expressing anger

Negative emotions are a part of life. You will get angry at them or at others. Handle your anger wisely. Try not to use hurtful words that cause lasting damage.

Dealing with crisis

In times of crisis, they look up to you for guidance. If you can deal with a difficult situation maturely, it will help them build faith in you and your decisions. This way, they will feel confident in reaching out to you in turbulent times.

Self worth

Help build their self esteem. Do not pick faults or criticize them. Appreciate their qualities, give compliments often, make them believe in themselves and inspire them to deliver the best.


Help them chase their dreams. Talk to them, understand what they want to do, encourage them to find out the options available and explore the opportunities. Elder siblings play a big role in shaping the future of the younger ones.

Remember, what you do not do, you cannot preach. Alsoyou may be siblings, but you are two different individuals. Your brother or sister will not be a carbon copy of you. Respect the differences and offer unconditional love.