Improving a child's attention span

  • By Team TDO

Children get easily distracted - some more than others. The proliferation of digital devices at home, with tons of apps and games, only adds to the problem. So how can we help build children’s attention spans?

Here are some tips:

  1. Get your child involved in creative activities like science projects, painting, sketching, stitching, or sculpting. These activities require interest, passion and lot of focus and attention, which results in extended attention span.
  2. Ask your child to listen to a story, either a recorded one or told by someone face to face. Then ask him to repeat the story.
  3. Get some books that they may get interested in. Gradually choose longer books or stories for the child to expand the attention span.
  4. Make sure that your child reads in a noise-free environment and is away from distractions like TV, music, and traffic noise.
  5. Make sure that you provide your child with snacks to munch and water to drink in between study time so that they don’t have to leave their desks over and over again.
  6. Keep the household noises and activities away from your studying kid, so that he is away from distractions.
  7. Keep monitoring your child to ensure that he remains focused.
  8. If possible, provide your child with a pet. This helps in improving the child’s attention span.
  9. Encourage your kid to exercise. This improves overall health and concentration.