Teach your kids hygiene by walking the talk

  • By Team TDO

Children tend to pick up many unhygienic habits. For instance, they may dig their nose, or refuse to wash their hands before a meal. Parents often have to tell or even shout at their children, repeatedly, to follow hygiene rules. However, a better way to teach children is by walking the talk. Follow these rules to teach your kids the value of hygiene.

Clothes: Many wear the same clothes next day. Avoid this ideally, or at least make sure they are at least dried in air or sun, for some time, to kill the smell and bacteria before wearing them again.

Shoes: The feet sweat when you wear shoes. If your kid has just one pair of shoes, then remove them as soon as the kid is back home, and keep it in open air to freshen them up for the use on next day to school. Washable shoes must be washed regularly. This keeps them looking good as well as makes them last longer.

Feet: As we mentioned earlier, the feet sweat when the child wears shoes. Ensure your kid washes his feet at least once a day. Dry the feet well in between toes too. If the towel is too thick to put in between toes, use a paper tissue or any other thin napkin to dry it. Make sure the kid’s feet are washed well if they have gone to a public toilet or to a swimming pool, since there are chances of getting fungal infection and other skin condition in such places.

Feel good products: After bath, make it a point to use moisturizing lotion and talcum powder to maintain the freshness of bath.

Other body parts: Clean the outer ear at least once a week, trim the nails regularly and check if there is any deposit of dirt under nails. Keep the hair neat and combed, check for any infections or infestations. Explain to your kid, the benefits of brushing teeth and cleansing of tongue to have a good breath.