Prepare your kids for injuries

  • By Team TDO

It may not be possible for parents to stay around with their children all the time. Children are prone to hurting themselves anywhere, when they are out playing or when they are alone at home. That’s why teaching your child about first-aid becomes very important.

Start with the basics

First, teach kids about the importance of first-aid. Use colorful pictures or posters that explain basic first aid techniques.

Encourage your child to ask questions.

Get a first-aid kit, and teach them about every item in the kit and their purpose. If possible, explain them with demonstrations.

Make sure to write down basic first aid steps in simple language and hand it over to the kids.

In case, when the child is alone at home, provide him/her with the telephone numbers of neighbors, friends and relatives and teach the child to dial numbers and make calls.

In case of nausea

Teach the kid, that in nausea or stomach ache, the kid should take deep breaths. Make him practice this. If possible, the kid should quickly peel orange or lemon and smell that. If he/she continues to feel unwell, then resort to drinking lemonade with salt. Use this only in mild pain or nausea. Anything more severe than mild nausea should be referred to the doctor.

In case of minor burns

In case of minor burns, tell your child to keep the affected area under running cold water, which will relieve the, pain. Ask them not to dip the affected area in ice water. In case the clothes catch fire, never run. Just drop on the floor and roll over the floor until the flames go out.

In case of minor cuts and bruises

When the kid gets a cut, never put the affected area under running water. Press over the wound with the other hand or a clean cloth. Wash the affected area with an antiseptic liquid and apply a bandage.

In case of eye irritation

Wash the eyes with tap water. If the irritation persists, ask them to inform you and visit an eye specialist immediately.

In case of a fall

Clean the dirt, and immobilize the hand or leg, if the pain is severe.

Post all emergency phone numbers on the wall

Place a list of all emergency numbers in case of any accidents. The list may include doctor's number, fire brigade, police stations, hospital, and contact numbers of your neighbors, friends and relatives.

Tell your kids that any medical condition, other than these, should be reported immediately to the doctor.