Parent-child activities - The fun way to learn

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Here are some activities that you can do along with your kid that can be fun as well as educative.

  1. Include your child in household activities. It will make him feel wanted and important.
  2. Take your child with you to the market when you go to buy vegetables. He can point out to the vegetables he identifies and you can buy them for dinner.
  3. Count the buses and cars on your way to the park or the market. This will keep your child occupied and introduce him to the concept of counting.
  4. Play games together. Involve all the members of the family. He will get accustomed to ‘team work.’
  5. Work out a bed time schedule. Take turns telling stories. Encourage your child to tell a story too. This will help in developing his thinking and imagination powers.
  6. Ask your child to assist with small activities around the house. Like arranging things, dusting and sorting.
  7. Play with him and his toys. Use his building blocks and build something or use his whiteboard to draw a picture. Involve the child and ask for help from him at times.
  8. Listen to his favourite song together. Maybe you can dance together too.
  9. Do some adult talking together. Tell him about your day at office.
  10. Visit the local post office, fire station, dairy, etc and tell him the importance of these places.

Doing fun things with your child need not be something you have to plan and execute. Be creative and make the daily activities, including the mundane ones, a fun time together!