Have an easy and safe travel with your kids

  • By Seema Verma

Finally! It’s the holidays. Time for the much awaited family vacation! You’ve spent weeks planning it. Organizing your leaves from work, ensuring no assignments and submissions remain pending for the kids at school, you’ve even got someone to take care of your dog while you are away. What could go wrong now?
A lot! From losing things to falling sick to getting hurt to even a Home Alone 2 – getting separated in a crowd!

Unless that’s your idea of an adventure, which is most unlikely, here are some tips on how to have easy travels with your kids:

  1. Pack time
    When travelling with kids, everything can take time. You never know what attracts them and how they want to linger around something. So plan ahead and keep enough time in hand especially for airport check-ins and reporting. Reach a little earlier than you would when travelling alone.
    Don’t make a packed schedule where you are rushing everyone, all the time. It will be easier for you and for the kids, and guaranteed lesser tantrums.
  2. Play the weatherman
    The weather can change the whole way your travel goes. If it is too extreme or different than what your kids are used to, they can get cranky or even fall sick. So check beforehand about the weather. Pack woolens or light clothes accordingly.
  3. The Medicine Box
    Pack common medicines like the ones for cough and cold or flu etc. If you are travelling to another country or a place where you might encounter strange foods ensure your medicine kit has anti-histamines for the kids along with all the other necessary medicines. If your kids are on any prescription drugs, make sure you are stocked full on them and have the prescription letter with you. Bandages and anti-septic creams are always handy too. If you are taking along any new OTC drugs, make sure they don’t make children drowsy and that they don’t have any side effects. Best is to stick to the medicines that are tried and tested.
  4. Sanitizers, Soaps and the Wipes
    Keep ample hand sanitizers, soaps and wipes handy. When travelling, you can’t be too sure about the cleanliness of the toilets or that enough hand wash basins will be available enroute. Besides, when do the kids have patience to go wash their hands?
    Also keep paper soaps handy for the times that sanitizers aren’t enough.
  5. Drinking Water
    The easiest way to fall sick is consuming bad water. Unless you are sure that the water is really good, stick to bottled water. Assign the kids their own bottle so you always have enough and the chances of them passing germs within themselves are also reduced.
  6. Keeping Track
    You can’t keep pulling your kids back on a holiday. Not only does it irk them and encourage tantrums, it limits their experience and exposure to new things. Let them roam free and experience things by themselves by investing in a child locator or the not-so-popular leash. With a 2- piece child locator, you keep the transmitter and attach a small gadget onto the child’s clothes/shoes/belt. If you lose sight of the child, you can locate him/her by activating and following the sound of an alarm on the small unit attached to him/her.
  7. Preparing for the Long Journey Ahead
    If you have a long flight to take, use the waiting time at the airport by allowing the kids to stretch their legs and wander a bit. Sitting at one place for too long makes them restless and that’s all they’ll get to do on the aircraft. Avoid giving them sugar before or during the flight to avoid the sugar rush!

Finally, as much as you may prepare, they are kids with their own temperament and experiencing something new and strange. Remember there isn’t a parent in the world that could pull this off flawlessly!