A mom's share scare with teenage girls

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

Being a mother of a teenage girl is not easy. Although having daughters give immense joy, the blues of growing up, especially when they are in their teenage should be handled carefully. This is the time when they need you the most, but do not want to express that they want you. The girls at this age are trying to come to terms with a lot many things. They want to become independent, take their own decisions, are more vulnerable to their looks, and response from the opposite sex. Even a simple comment can sometimes result in outburst or many times repeated calling goes unnoticed. Instead of getting frustrated about the change in the behaviour of your daughter, you should try to adjust to the changes in her and try to be more interactive. This time can either bring your girl closer to you for life or take her away from you, as these years are decisive and crucial for your relationship.

Being open and friendly with your teenage girl is the best way to interact with her and win over her confidence.

Here are some of the tips that can guide you in interacting with your teenage girl:

Social media is here to stay, so forbidding your teenage daughter from using it is not wise. However, you can always monitor her usage and keep a watch on the amount of time she spends online. Advise her from time to time to be careful about what she comments or posts out there, so that there are no real problems due to wrong interactions.

In today’s world, you cannot stop girls from mingling with boys. However, you should take your girl into confidence and tell her the limits and dangers of involvement. Welcome her friends both boys and girls at home and ensure that you know most of her friends so that you know whom she is going out with. Believe in her, tell her that you know that she will never ditch your trust, but also warn her if she is moving out in the wrong company.

Girls at this age could feel that you doubt their decisions, if you directly tell them to break off friendship with a particular girl or boy. Instead, try to find a creative way to make her understand what is wrong and what is right. You can relate her by examples of someone else and come around to the situation in her life. This way, she will not be offended and you will be successful in making her think about her friends and company.

Although sex at such a young age is a taboo, you should talk to your daughter about use of contraceptives and pills and make her understand the consequences of having unsafe sex with boys. Apart from pregnancy, she can also be inflicted with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Make her aware that after menstruation, she is slowly developing into a complete woman and wrong decisions at this age can ruin her life forever.

Teenage girls are very much conscious of their looks. Make them aware about their good points and how to highlight them better so that the flaws can be hidden. Show them how to do a good makeup, how to maintain good skin and dress up properly for a particular event and on formal occasions. Share all your experience about beauty, dressing and styling with your daughter so that she can carry off herself confidently among her friends and in the society.