15 ways to not let your kid's allergies keep happiness at bay

  • By Team TDO

Antibodies are protective agents which our body sends out whenever it comes across any type of foreign particle while eating or inhaling or through any other route. They help in the defence mechanism of the body.

Antibodies help us fight against the foreign invaders. Some people are said to be allergic to some antibodies in response to substances which are harmless. In this the body secretes lots of antibodies, due to abnormal immune reaction which harm our own body.

There are a number of things to which person becomes allergic like:

  1. Medicine: Antibiotics, pain killer and many other medicines that come under this group.
  2. Person may develop skin allergy to body accessories.
  3. Person may turn allergic to cosmetic products.
  4. Environment: Dust mites, animal dander and pollen.
  5. Certain soap or detergent may also lead to allergy.
  6. Food allergy is common among kids; person can develop signs of indigestion & itching.

Following are some healthy and natural ways to avoid allergy among kids:

  1. Avoid giving frozen food, processed food, junk food, alcoholic drink to the kids as the nutritional value of this food is very low and they are rich in salt and preservatives which may cause allergy.
  2. To avoid allergens, keep kids indoors during a particular time of day.
  3. Gargling with salt water may be helpful to kids.
  4. Pets should be kept away from kids who are allergic to them, especially from bedroom as they may increase the chances of allergy.
  5. Mats and carpet attracts dust particles and can lead to allergy among kids.
  6. Keep your house clean and dust free. Avoid articles in the house which collects dust.
  7. Cleanliness is necessary. Encourage your children to stay clean and make them wash their hands often.
  8. Avoid giving stuffed toys to kids. They are rich in dust mites and molds.
  9. Malnutrition or poor nutrition may lead to improve immune reaction, in turn may lead to allergies.
  10. Nutrition is the fundamental pillar for immunity. Eating balanced and nutritious diet leads to better reaction to allergens. Always give nutritious soups to kids. As their nutritional value is high and kids also love to have these tasty soups.
  11. Ginger, onion & garlic are the simplest home remedies for allergy. Vegetables such as potato, carrot, beetroot and radish are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are very helpful to kids as they provide essential nutrient required for their growth. Avoid melons, banana and cucumber for kids as they may produce allergy.
  12. Visit your doctor, if your kid is not responding to a usual remedy. Keep a proper follow-up track with your doctor. Encourage your kid to take medicines.