Hair care without the tears

  • By Team TDO

Parents love bathing their kid. The feeling, unfortunately, is not quite reciprocated. Bath time is one of the worst for kids, who howl and kick if anyone so much as puts water on their bodies. The reaction is particularly strong when you shampoo their hair, and later while combing them.

It's a reaction that has baffled parents of all ages. Can we make the process more enjoyable for the kid?We may have some answers.

  1. How often should one wash the kid's hair?An infant’s hair should not be washed daily.It should be done on a need-to basis. Washing hair of babies who are about a year old, once or twice a week is fine. But if the baby has got cradle cap you can wash it every alternate day after oil application. Then, as the child grows, the frequency of hair wash should be 3-4 times a week. To keep your kid from crying it is important that you first bathe her, and then wash the hair at the end, so that she isn’t irritated for too much time.
  2. Which shampoo should be used?Use shampoos made especially for babies. The pH levels should be between 4.5-6 to avoid tangling of hair. High pH causes tangles. Do not use adult shampoo for kids. It has high pH and high sulphate content which can dry the scalp. Start using shampoo only after 4-5 weeks.
  3. How should one wash the hair?Use a very soft sponge dipped in water, and pat it gently on the head supporting the kid’s shoulders and head. Use only warm water. Start using shampoo only after 4-5 weeks. Wet the hair with sponge, apply very small amount of shampoo, massage gently, and lather up.Then gently rinse with warm water. Keep the baby’s head tilted backwards to avoid water flowing down to eyes.Some babies have thick hair and some are born with little or no hair. Bald babies also need their scalp to be washed.
  4. What is the right way to comb the kid's hair?Kids do not like to be combed immediately after bath. So let them move. Then when they are in mood to get combed, using a wide toothed comb, start at the nape of the neck, after 2-3 strokes of combing work on getting higher up to the crown and then comb all the hair. Working this way will avoid the tangles to occur and hence there is no hair pulling sessions of crying or shrieking on kids.
  5. How does one deal with a screaming baby during haircut?Kids dread a haircut.So first take them along to your own hair styling sessions, so that they see that there is no harm at getting a haircut. Fix an appointment with a stylist for your kid at a time when he is happy and cheerful, and has completed his sleep well. Also, confirm if the stylist is comfortable with the kids. Let the child see himself in the mirror while getting the cut. Request them to start at the edges so that even if the kid gets cranky in middle of the sitting, it is okay to move out.