Cranky kids in a diner? dealing with them made a bit easy!

  • By Team TDO

This has happened to many a parent. They make a reservation at a fine dining restaurant, perhaps with friends and relatives. But their kid screams, and cries,disturbing the entire restaurant, and spoiling the general mood. For this reason, many parents avoid going out altogether, especially to fancy places.

But there are ways in which you can handle the toddler when you are at a restaurant. We will show you how.

Carry toys
Restaurant may be boring at times for toddlers. That’s why they turn peevish and may start playing with forks, spoons or knife. So carry some toys, crayons, notebooks, or even a story book, which will keep them busy and you can have a good time.

Order something yummy and healthy for the kid
A hungry kid is an angry kid. So, order something which is your kid’s favorite and also healthy at the same time. Or you can carry something along with you like fruits breads, cherries or other nutritious treats.

Keep responding to what kid says
The best way to keep childrenwell behavedis to talk to them and respond whenever the child speaks. Don’t avoid them or get too engrossed with other people. They get cranky when they don’t get a response from you.

Take a round with your kid
When the kid becomes difficult to handle, just pick him in your arms and take a mini tour of the restaurant or walk outside. This will distract him and relieve his boredom.

Don't tolerate any bad behavior
If the bad behavior of the kids is intolerable, then firmly tell them that they need to adopt good manners if they want to visit restaurants again. Disturbing other diners is not acceptable. But it doesn’t mean that you punish them.You just have to remove them to a place where they don’t bother anyone.

Make your outing relaxed and enjoyable
Above all, don’t forget to have fun and make it an enjoyable evening. Don’t get too carried away disciplining the kid. You can afford to be a bit silly and enjoy the time with your child.