Keeping your little crawlers safe!

  • By Team TDO

The first time a baby crawls is an occasion for celebration. But once the initial enthusiasm ends, parents realize that they need to keep a constant watch on their child as he moves about the house, pulling chairs, vases or even the table. You need to childproof your house to ensure the baby’s safety and also to ensure that nothing comes in the way of the child’s enjoyment while he crawls.

Here is a checklist to help you keep your baby safe.

  1. Make sure the baby’s bathtub is filled with water which only covers your baby’s legs.
  2. Don't use water that’s too cold or too hot for the baby’s bath. It should be warm.
  3. Never leave your baby alone in the bathtub.
  4. Don't come near the baby with extremely hot food. You never know when he may kick or try to catch the plate on seeing you.
  5. Once the baby starts crawling, keep away food items from the edges of tables and racks.
  6. Don't hold your baby while you cook.
  7. Make sure you keep your baby in a rear-facing car seat until he’s at least a year old.
  8. Keep away mobiles, laptops away from the baby’s reach.
  9. Make sure you remove all the toys while the baby is sleeping.
  10. Don't hang objects or toys which are hazardous in nature in the baby’s bed.
  11. Make sure your doors have doorstoppers to protect your baby’s fingers.
  12. If your switchboards are at the ground level, make sure that you cover up the plugging points with electric tapes.
  13. Use window guards for your windows.
  14. Use a good quality floor cleaner to mop your floor and make it bacteria-free for the little crawler.
  15. Install a fireguard and keep it in place when a fire is burning.
  16. Take a first aid course for infants.
  17. Keep away knives, breakables, or any other sharp items out of the baby’s reach.
  18. Put locks or latches on the drawers and desks, which has unsafe stuff like medicines or sharp tools.
  19. Place your baby’s wipes, nappy sacks and other toiletries out of baby’s reach.
  20. Place all poisonous substances like, cleaners, medicines, cosmetics, and sprays away from the baby’s reach.
  21. Protect the baby’s skin when he’s out, with hats, light-colored clothing with long sleeves in summers and warm clothes in winter. Do not expose babies to extreme temperatures. Avoid taking them out in the rain.