Is your child ready for pre-school?

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

A landmark study of the benefits of preschool by the Carnegie Foundation concluded that children who began education in early childhood got more out of school in every grade. The children who participated in early education programs were also healthier and wealthier than their peers who did not.

Here are some indications that may help you decide if your toddler is ready or not:

  1. Your toddler has a routine set at home and is comfortable with it. Going to school every day is an activity that follows a regular routine. Your child will have difficulty going to school and adapting to the changes if he not already used to a routine at home.
  2. Your toddler is independent. School time means time without the comforts of home. Your toddler will have to take care of himself- like informing the teacher if he has to go to the bathroom, eating all by himself, etc. If he does these things at home too, it will be easy for him to do the same at school too.
  3. Likes playing with other kids of his age. School will be full of kids of his age. If he is comfortable playing with other kids when you take him out to the park, it shows he will have less problems adapting to a place full of kids.
  4. Follows instructions. If your child is not used to listening to you and following your instructions at home, he may have trouble with following the teacher’s instructions at school. This may lead to a lot of anger and frustration in your child.
  5. Your toddler can focus on an activity for a distinct period of time. Young children are so full of enthusiasm and energy that nothing can hold their attention for more than a couple of minutes. They tend to lose focus and get attracted to some other activity. Going to school can be quite taxing in this matter as it would require focusing in various activities.
  6. Is used to spending time away from you: Toddlers who are used to spending time away from their mothers adapt better to preschool. Though this is not a strict point to consider before you enroll your kid in pre-school, bear in mind that your toddler may have difficulty initially in adapting to the school and staying away from you.