Preschool basics- Teaching your child at home

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

It will be easy to teach toddlers, when you understand how toddlers learn; they won't be learning to add overnight so by focusing on the basics and consistently engaging your toddlers is a great way to progress. Here are a few ideas on how to adequately home school your toddler.

Buy a box of crayons: Ask your child to draw whatever he likes and color it too. Teach him the concept of colors and figures through this activity.

Buy him read aloud stories: Read to him from it every night. He can also use the book to look at the pictures. He will learn about stories, and that books are read from right to left, that stories have a beginning and an end. Story books are also a great way to teach your child moral values.

Picture dictionaries: Picture dictionaries are a great way to teach the child many things. Show him the vegetables in the dictionary and the next time you go to buy vegetables, take him along with you and ask him to point out the vegetables he had seen in the book.

Rhymes: Rhymes are a great way to teach proper pronunciation to your child.

Counting: Other than teaching ‘1 2 3 4….’ Make use of things at home to count. You may ask your child to count while he is sorting the vegetables or while placing books on the shelf.

Teach music: Children take to music quite well at this age. Giving them a music instrument could have lasting effects on their development. It is important to offer them an instrument that they can actually hold and have the ability to operate. Something like a guitar might be too difficult for them; however a piano, keyboard or violin may allow them to easily hold and play.

You can use your creativity and make a great deal of lessons from these basic ideas. Always keep in mind that your child will get bored pretty soon, so keep making new games and funways to tech him things. You can get creative and make a great deal of projects and lessons from these basic ideas.