Getting your blood pressure to stop pressurising

  • By Team TDO

Sustained levels of pressure of 140/90 mm of Hg or above is a chronic state and needs medical intervention or it may result in a lot of serious complications. Your doctor will prescribe you medicines to keep your BP under control. Along with medicines you should also put in some personal efforts to keep your BP steady. These efforts must be taken as a precautionary measure by those who have a family history of hypertension or heart diseases. Given below are a few of them:

  1. Hit the gym: Weight loss helps in cutting down the BP levels to a great extent. Also the regular exercise is extremely beneficial for the heart muscles. A 30 to 45 minutes workout regularly is recommended. If you are not a gym person, you could go on a walk. Brisk walking for 30 minutes daily has been proven to have a very positive effect on the BP.
  2. Cut the salt: Salt has been known to be a bad thing for the blood pressure. Add less salt to the food you cook at home. Go easy on the pizzas and burgers. Chips, crispies, processedfoods, and ready-to-eat foods are a strict no-no.
  3. Miracle Herbs: The humble garlic in your kitchen is a miracle drug. Eat a couple of pods first thing in the morning. Hate the smell it leaves behind? Add it to the food you cook!! Cut down on the tea and coffee that you drink every day. Too much of it leaves you high-strung by the end of the day. Switch instead to the healthier green tea, preferably one with hibiscus in it. Decaffeinated coffee is also a better option.
  4. Beat the stress: Today's fast-paced lifestyle leaves us stressed out completely. It is very essential to consciously take time out for relaxation. Do simple things like deep breathing techniques, reading a book in a quiet place, walking on the grass barefoot early in the morning, listening to your favourite songs and doing just about whatever that makes you feel free and happy.

Small steps taken today will go a long way in helping you achieve a healthier tomorrow.

Hypertension may not be a worrisome disease in India as compared to other countries, but that is no reason for us to sit back and relax. Experts here feel that the disease may soon reach epidemic levels. Late detection and un-detection are the major reasons for this. So it is very essential to get your BP checked regularly.