The big fat link to pancreatic cancer

  • By Team TDO

Here is some more bad news about those extra pounds. They can be one of the primary reasons behind complicated pancreatic cancer.

Let us see some background about pancreatic cancer. Pancreas is a glandular member of the digestive factory. Its keyrole involves secretion of hormones and enzymes that facilitate the metabolism and help the digestion process. Pancreas is the home for insulin, the problem behind diabetes. Cancer of pancreas is difficult to treat and death rate due to it is quite high.

Obesity affects pancreatic cancer in two ways.

  1. Obesity directly influences and accelerates the development of diabetes mellitus. Being overweight has been known to be the most powerful triggers for the onset of diabetes. Fat is linked to diabetes at every stage - from the beginning, to progression and till the serious complications come up. Pre-diabetic stage is that of insulin resistance. This is when the body has just begun to resist insulin (insulin directly helps in utilizing sugar or glucose by the cells in our body). As a result, mildly-high blood sugar levels are often noted in people who have been overweight for a long period of time. Eventually it leads to diabetes mellitus among many cases. Thereafter obesity continues to adversely affect the control of blood glucose levels making it further difficult to treat the condition. The persistently high levels of sugar cause serious damage to the pancreas and eventually to other organs. The injury caused to pancreatic cells, which are the seat of diabetes mellitus, is a known factor behind pancreatic cancer. So you see, the unrequired fat depots in the body have been long setting the ground for pancreatic cancer.
  2. Once the malignant cells have started their activity in the pancreas, obesity adds fuel to the fire. The basic complication of cancer is spread to other vital organs and irreversible damage. In case of pancreatic cancer, the extra kilos in your body weight hasten the spread and make it even more difficult to treat the disease. Pancreatic cancer is often fatal in itself, and obesity not only shows death a green signal, but also permits extra speed, i.e. the period of survival is much lesser for an obese pancreatic cancer patient than that of an ideal body weight cancer patient.

Basic things like diet and exercise are all that is needed to maintain an ideal weight, but unfortunately, they are also the most ignored. This piece of information here intends to create restlessness within you and instil a sense of responsibility towards your health.

Choose healthier foods and engage in regular physical activity. Get up and run for your life!