Health tips for fathers

  • By Team TDO

The mother's body undergoes a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. That's why a lot of care and attention needs to be given to her body. However, the father's role in raising a child is equally important. It will, certainly do well to pay attention to your own physical and mental health.

Don't just talk, converse

Men usually do not talk about their problems. Fathers especially believe they have to be 'strong'. This, however, will have a detrimental effect on your health. Open up and vent your feelings. Make an effort to talk to your family. Be the happy-go-lucky dad who has fun with kids rather than being a strict father.

Go out on a trip

Going out on a picnic with friends and family gives you a break from the busy life. It gives opportunity to spend more time with kids. Kids love it the most to play out with dad. Outdoor activities definitely benefit your health.

Set a line

Delineate and keep workplace stress away from home and avoid carrying household worries to the office. This demarcation will help you give best to both work and home.

Have fun

Just because you are a dad does not mean the fun is over. Go for a movie with friends or to play cricket. The good time you have outside keeps you happy at home and kids are glad about having a happy dad.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is important. Being a dad you have the responsibility of caring for your health more for your kid's sake now. So eat healthy. This will set an example for kids.

Take health checks

Dads surely have to play that 'superman' role in the family, but to be strong all the time takes a lot effort. You need to be physically fit. Get regular annual check-ups done and visit the doctor to ensure you are in good health.