Don’t worry, Daddy is here!

  • By Team TDO
  1. Handle with care: You may feel pretty helpless and lost with the new baby. Go ahead, just pick her up. Feel the primitive instincts surge through the blood in your veins! Nothing can make you feel more like a man than holding your baby in your arms. You will undoubtedly feel a bit scared at first. Do not worry. It is the most natural reaction. Remember, with the baby in your arms, it is not just you who is learning new things. Your baby is also learning to feel safe and secure in her daddy’s arms!
  2. Burp time: Once your baby is done with her milk, pick her up gently. Hold her in such a way that she is lying face down on your hand. Take care that she is not completely flat. Pat her back gently with the other hand, while exerting gentle pressure on her belly. There you are, baby has burped and you have earned your wife’s ‘job well done’ look!
  3. Baby’s day out: So you are going to be travelling out with your baby! It may be a visit to the supermarket or the nearby park or to the pediatrician, but do not expect it to be an easy ride. Handling a baby with all its paraphernalia and making your way through the crowds can be a scary task for anybody! Handle it well and be the superhero of the day!
  4. Wear your baby right: Using baby slings is a great idea. It is convenient and helps to keep your baby close to you with your hands being free. It also allows your baby some freedom from being held in cramped ways. Also turns into super daddy who can handle both baby and wife and also do something else at the same time!
  5. Massage pleasures: Massaging your baby is beneficial not only for your baby, but also to you. Gentle massages will help you bond with your little one and understand her body better. Plus, it also gives mommy some much needed respite!
  6. Take over the night shift: Baby has been with mommy the whole day and now mommy needs her rest too. But baby just won’t sleep! Be her knight in the shining armor and rescue her from her woes. Take charge of baby. Nighttime can be special bonding times for you and your baby.
  7. Do your own thing: Becoming a parent brings with it a whole list of instructions from everybody! Do not listen to all of them. Do what suits you and your baby. Lie with her on the floor and talk to her, babies can be great listeners. Pick her up and give her a little jig, make her dance to your tunes!

Small things help in big ways. Becoming a father is the most amazing experience in the world. And as your baby believes, there is nothing that her daddy can’t do!