Time to apply for a paternity leave

  • By Team TDO

Dads can play an active role in first few days after the baby is born and taking leave from work can be beneficial. Let’s see what new dads can do:

  1. Support mom:
    After the baby is born the mom is exhausted physically as well as mentally. She needs all the support in the world, and new dads can play an important role there.
  2. Stay up late:
    Babies sleep almost 18 hours a day for a couple of weeks after birth, for 3-4 hours at a time. They may wake up at night. It can be pretty hectic for a mom to manage alone. You can help by staying up late and may be bringing her a warm cup of milk.
  3. Do household chores:
    Managing baby is hard for the mom too initially. So be supportive and considerate towards your wife. Take a bigger share in the household chores and ensure that the new mom gets what she needs while she's feeding. She would appreciate an extra pair of hands to help her.
  4. Take responsibility of other kids:
    You can’t feed the new one, but can easily manage other kids you have. Take sole responsibility of your elder one.
  5. Bond with the baby:
    Dad's care helps a child feel secure. This prevents the child from developing any unfounded fears in later life. So dads should care for and make their babies feel secure and safe.
  6. Visit the doctor:
    Dads can prepare one copy of additional immunization schedule to keep with them. Set reminders. Be a responsible father and accompany your partner for vaccination. Babies usually cry when given injection. Try to pacify your baby for alleviation.
  7. How baby benefits:
    Babies with involved fathers have better social skills. Active participation of father in baby's upbringing makes the baby more intelligent and they do well at school and exams later.

What is the right time to take paternity leave?

No employer would like to hear that your wife is in the delivery room in labour and you would be off work for a month. So let your office know at least two months in advance.

If you don’t take time off when the baby is born, it can be hard for you to manage regular work schedule and get time to spend with your baby.

The Central Government in 1999 by notification under Central Civil Services (Leave) Rule 551 (A) made provisions for paternity leave for a male Central Government employee (including an apprentice and probationer) with less than two surviving children for a period of 15 days to take care of his wife and new born child. He can avail this leave 15 days before or within 6 months from the date of delivery of child. If such leave is not availed within the period, it shall be treated as lapsed. For paternity leave, he shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay last drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. Also, the same rule applies when a child is adopted.

Source: Times of India