Making the 30 the new 20 - Some healthy tips for men over 30

  • By Team TDO

30s for most men is the age of making money, a firm career and preparing a good and luxurious retirement plan. But in this race of minting money, getting a house, buying a new car, don't you feel you lose the verve to be young in body, health and spirit? Result, you are in the lap of one or the other lifestyle diseases. Well guys slow down and ponder a bit.Your age can be on your side when you try to maintain it not when you extract all energy and fill it with monotony and laziness.

30s can turn into new 20s for each one of you but that can't happen by sitting in front of the TV set watching your favourite game and gulping down a beer. So you need to put your mind and heart together and try to work out options to keep your mental and physical health optimized. Let's discuss few such ways which can be the key to your health post your 30s.

Be a part of the maddening crowd

Post 30s men have a habit of engaging themselves totally into their work, that very little time remains to socialize and meet people. Studies prove that people who are part of a big social group have fewer chances of heart diseases as they are supposed to be happier and stress-free compared to their counterparts who spend their time in their office files and TV.

Be healthy, wealthy and always wise with exercise

Hitting the gym would be a trend amongst teens and those in twenties, but you need it the most at 30 as this is the age staying fit is essential to keep all diseases away. If you are not a gym fan then you can try any of the other methods of exercise:

  1. Morning walks
  2. Joggings
  3. Yoga
  4. Aerobics

Options can be innumerable but you need to choose what suits you and your lifestyle best.

Avoid the idiot box

Do you spend your evenings in front of the television set? Well that is definitely one of the unhealthy habits you are nurturing then. Television sets make you dependent, which mean very few body movements. The only exercise you get is when you reach for the popcorn or when you fiddle with the remote for the mute button in-between commercial breaks. Also it takes up your time which is meant to be spent with family and friends. So next time you get home from office, try and grab a game with your kid or a nice chat with your wife or walk down the road to your friend's house and go out for some fresh air instead.

Say NO to the puff

A very common habit which catches hold among men especially since their teenage is smoking. Men who have been smoking since their teens don't feel a need to change their ways and it just seems to get worse. Now in your middle-age you don't smoke for effect but rather as a refuge from all tensions and tribulations or sheer force of habit. You are aware that smoking and nicotine dependence whether through smoking to chewing tobacco can put you at risk of lung cancer, hypertension, heart valve blockages and much worse? Being a bit more sober than you were in your 20s is essential here. Stop the smoke and try to look into the clear air around you.

Less alcohol, more life

Alcohol not only hits your liver and takes you away from the real pleasures of your life but also makes you prone to all the diseases which starts showing its symptoms in the middle-age only. Increase in anxiety, blood pressure, high cholesterol or other cardiovascular diseases come into forefront more with age. Does that mean you should stop this within a day or two? No, you need to limit the number to one or two pegs maximum a day and you will be fit for a healthy life.

Go fishing

Now this does not mean you need to hunt for your own food or dangle the bait or go hungry. Just make fish a part of your daily diet. Fish or sea food after stepping in your 30s makes you able-bodied and increases immunity to fight diseases. The necessary proteins, vitamins, essential oils, zinc, selenium etc. can be had through just one source-fish!

Bone mania

Calcium deficiency a common disease in women in their 30s causes joints pain primarily, now this should never be neglected by men as well because with changing lifestyle, men also are falling prey to it. Declining calcium concentration in your bones post 30s makes them prone to more fractures and bone damages. The right balance between physiotherapy and food habits makes you more agile and keeps the joints squeaky clean!

More sunshine

Research prove that spending 15-20 min in the sun everyday helps one to keep away from diseases like osteoporosis, back pains, arthritis etc. Requirement for Vitamin D is fulfilled and all readily bodily deficiencies get mitigated. Thus step out in the sun for some time and experience the results yourself.

Avoid the junk

Pot bellies are a common sight among men as they hit their 30s. You don't have to live with it! Obesity is the starting point of most diseases. Thus what you require is just focus on a healthy diet plan. The burgers and pizzas which might be irresistible to you in your teens should be only looked at dispassionately without bringing your mouth a mile near them. Extra cheese and butter are now not to be served on your platter. A bit hard-hitting but to stay healthy needs to be done without any second thought.

Thus the above mentioned pointers can be followed by guys at any age but should be followed rigorously when you hit 30!

So, live your life healthiest and to the fullest!