Detox after a night of binging

  • By Team TDO

You love to indulge and make merry. Fair enough. You also believe in working hard and partying harder. Superb! But like it or not, the next day, as the hangover takes over, you are going to be filled with the 'greatest regret ever'. As consciousness dawns on you after a heavy duty binge it's a struggle even getting your eyelids to open. Your head feels like it has been in a stampede and the tongue feels like leather with a taste in your mouth that makes you want to almost go off drinking forever.

Well, we are here to ease the pain.

  1. Rehydrate
    Rehydrating is a good way to begin reversing the effects of a hangover. Ideally you should start in the night itself. Drink 0.5-1 litre water just before you hit the bed. The next morning guzzle more of that H2O and then set the kettle to boil. Don't have anything strong to begin with. Have a nice cup of green tea to begin the day.

  2. Avoid coffee
    Coffee may be your go-to drink to shrug off the sluggishness. But this beverage will dehydrate you once again. So don't fight fire with fire. Instead, take a brisk walk and work up some sweat with some light exercise if you can. Sweat the toxins right out of your bloodstream.

  3. Have a good breakfast
    No point in feeling guilty over what's happened. What's done is done and you can't undo the pegs you have guzzled. So as soon as you feel like eating, have a healthy breakfast- anything from eggs to sausages to oats will do. Some lime juice or cold milk or better still, a glass of buttermilk, can really flush the system.

  4. Don't avoid bowel movements
    Visit the loo as soon as you feel the urge as even a clean stomach can help get rid of the headache and hung over feeling. If the hangover persists till noon then you can have a mild analgesic, or better still, have some vitamin B supplements as those can give you the energy to tide over the crisis but not without the doctor's advice.

  5. Get some rest
    Try to rest in the afternoon with some deep breathing exercises and some positive affirmations that you won't binge again. A cold shower or aromatic bubble bath too can rejuvenate your spirits and revive you considerably. If you aren't feeling too weak then you can even try swimming a couple of laps.

These are just some of the really simple remedies you can try to detox the body. Best remedy, of course, would be to practice everything in moderation -including moderation itself!