Too busy to hit the gym? - Exercises for the busy executive

  • By Team TDO

Exercising is often the casualty as we walk the tightrope of work and family. Even if we have memberships to the most exclusive health clubs, where do we squeeze the time out for them?

Luckily, the important chair that you occupy at work can be just as important for your health. There are plenty of exercises that you can do seated right at your desk that can go a long way in improving posture and tone. Here's how:

Exercise at the edge of the seat:

Grip the hand rests of your chair and without lifting the buttocks just straighten your spine. Feel the tension ease in your back as the spine lengthens and the shoulders are squared back. Try to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor.

This is a great exercise for toning drooping shoulders and bad posture. Those who spend long hours hunched in front of the computer can easily improve their posture. Do this after every 3 hours.

The thigh squeeze:

If you have a private cabin then you can take your shoes off. Sit on your chair and clasp both hands together and raise them above your head, absolutely straight. Feel the lower back and pelvic muscles get a good stretch. Now keeping the back straight and arms above you straighten both legs out and hold position for 10-15 seconds. This is a great toner of the entire back, lower abdomen, knees and thighs. It might be uncomfortable to remain in this pose for extended periods, but a little patience will see you through.

The eagle spread twist:

Sit straight in your chair with your neck tucked in such a way that your ears are level with your shoulders. Now extend both arms out sideways forming a 180 degree straight line. Now breathe in deeply and keeping the arms ramrod straight twist your right shoulder slowly towards the left side as far as you can go without feeling any strain. Return to original position after 20 seconds and then twist the other side. Your neck should move along with your shoulder. This exercise eases the tension from the elbows and tones shoulders and arms. The twist tones the tummy muscles and enhances flexibility.

Get moving in office

  1. Get a squeezy ball to exercise the hands at your desktop.
  2. Try to get up from your seat every two hours just for a stretch.
  3. Take stairs instead of elevator, so you can improve your stamina. If your office is located on a very high floor, take stairs till the first floor and only then take elevator.

The Heel Curl:

Keeping the back in a straight position raise the heels one at a time for some neat heel curls. Try to feel each toe getting a firm hold on the floor as you raise the heels one by one. This exercises the knees and makes the heels more flexible to support your weight besides toning the calves. You can even do this exercise unobtrusively even in a meeting i.e. if you don't make any sudden jerky movements.

Wrist Watch:

Square the shoulder back and take a few deep breaths. Extend your hands forward and let your wrists hang limp for a while. Feel the tension go out of your fingers and palm. Now roll both wrists in a clock wise and anti clock-wise circular motion. Roll the wrists up and then down. Hold the position for a while and then relax. The spread of the fingers eases any pain from using the computer keyboard or mouse for a long time and gets the blood circulation in the upper extremities going.

Neck Rolls:

Take a deep breath and slowly tuck your chin in the notch between your collar bone and neck. Mind that you don't raise your shoulders while tucking the neck in. The shoulders should not hunch but should be kept as squared back as possible. Now when you tuck that chin in you will feel your back straighten. Relax and breathe easy. Now slowly raise the chin and roll your neck up ever so slowly. Let it roll up as far as you can go without feeling any strain. Again here it is important to not move the shoulders. Only the neck should move. Next, slowly roll the neck down to your right shoulder and then down to the notch again before rolling up over the right shoulder to where you began from. This is one cycle. Do as many neck rolls as you can as it reduces neck tension and stiffness and can keep a lot of unnecessary pain killers away.

If you have any neck problems, do these exercises only after consulting with your doctor. Within a few days you will see an appreciable change in your posture and confidence.

Now you are on your way towards corporate as well as physical well-being.