The advantages of having a gym partner

  • By Team TDO

Man is a social animal and humans can seek a like-minded person for companionship or friendship even in outer space if given half the opportunity. So if you spot two men anywhere with bulging biceps and sporting the same menacing glare, then chances are that they are gym mates.

There are many good reasons to have someone give you company while working out, and also motivating you when you feel like skipping the gym.

A helping hand

A gym mate can observe while you are doing your workout and can give you important feedback with regards to how you perform certain exercises. Of course, this depends on the extent of his knowledge and experience. So choose your gym partner carefully. Working out in pairs also works well when there are too many people in the gym. Imagine disturbing someone else to hand down the weight off the rack for you when you are doing your bench press. But do remember this is a two-way street, so make sure you are there for him when he exercises as well.

Also, there are many exercises that can be done jointly with a partner like crunches, partner push-ups and medicinal ball routines. This can help set a good atmosphere for exercise and camaraderie. The gym mate is the guy who coaxes you on to finish your dumbbell set when your muscles are groaning for rest.

Choosing a gym buddy

Sometimes two friends enroll at a gym together and then go on to becoming gym buddies. If that's not the case with you, then keep a lookout out for someone who works out alone like you. Strike up a casual conversation. Seek his advice on small matters, and if what he says makes sense which will give you an idea of how much he knows, and what his approach to working out is.

The more the merrier

There are lots of people who exercise in groups. If you are unable to gel with one person, then try joining one of those groups where people generally help each other out and exchange invaluable body building tips. These friendships can also spill over to social life so that's an added advantage. However, whether you have a gym buddy or a gym group, always remember, you need to be a giver as well and not just a taker.

So when someone else is making himself available to help you in your workout, it won't hurt to offer to help back. That way most people will find it good to exercise with you. And that itself can set the spirit of light-hearted competition and friendship.