Get lean without losing muscle

  • By Team TDO

You wish to be the quintessential lean mean fighting machine, and you are willing to work hard in your workouts. But, you have no idea of the direction you need to head in to acquire that body. Well, here are six steps to help you work towards that goal. However, do remember that, consistency makes kings. Once you find the ideal regimen, stick to it, and you will achieve your target muscle mass.

  1. Heavy weights with right reps
    The best and the quick way to build lean muscle mass is to lift heavy poundage. Go in for heavy weights (weights that are heavy for you to lift), with concentrated slow repetitions (reps). If you go in for a high number of reps, you will end up building muscle endurance, instead of mass and strength. So, anything between 8-10 reps to a set, using heavy weights in your body building program, should be a good thing.
  2. Muscle = Good nutrition
    You have about a snowball’s chance in hell, to build that muscle mass in record time, by only lugging those heavy weights, without paying adequate attention to diet. Healthy eating is the key fuel to build muscle mass. Add proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts to your diet. Protein plays a crucial role. Besides building muscle mass, protein is essential when it comes to repairing muscle strain or fatigue. So, after a gym workout ensure that you have your chicken sandwiches close at hand. Chicken, steak, seafood (tilapia, tuna, prawns, and salmon) and eggs are great sources of protein.
  3. Rest
    Spread your workouts over muscle groups. To build a muscle group you will push it to muscle fatigue (remember not to cross the limit or overdo), and then give it complete rest. By pushing it, we don’t mean pushing your luck. Post a good weight training session, there should be minimal muscle soreness. A reason why, it is advised to alternate muscle groups in your gym sessions. For instance, Monday & Friday could be dedicated to legs and chest, while Tuesday and Thursday could be dedicated to arms and back. Adequate rest is vital to building muscle mass.
  4. Stretching
    Ensure that all the muscle groups that you are targeting, get adequate amount of stretching exercises. This increases their suppleness and minimizes injuries and strain. Do ensure a proper warm-up and cool down routine, so that your body can get through a heavy weight training session sans injury.
  5. Water is essential
    Don’t ever forget to have adequate water after a workout, and even during the day, as it is crucial for muscular strength and for maintaining energy levels. Dehydration can lead to a number of problems. Always carry a water bottle with you.
  6. Reduce stress
    The more relaxed and de-stressed you are, the more quickly will you get that muscular frame. Testosterone, which is an anabolic muscle building hormone, gets drained due to stress and tension. So, after all that effort in the gym, if you are a compulsive worrier, then it’s time you became the warrior and push stress right out.