Don’t let allergies get the best of you

  • By Team TDO

Here are some steps to prevent allergy:

  1. If allergy from a pet is suspected, keep it as far as possible for a fortnight and see if symptoms disappear.
  2. Get an allergy test done to confirm the diagnosis.
  3. Avoid things that provoke allergy and ensure that in your house:
  4. There shouldn’t be any pets.
  5. Furniture should be minimal.
  6. The floor, walls, wooden things should be cleaned regularly. The floor should be polished.
  7. Use carpets that can be cleaned daily or weekly.
  8. Use sheets that can be washed regularly, preferably cotton sheets, washable mattresses, synthetic blankets and pillows should be used. Avoid woollen or cotton blankets.
  9. Use plastic or wooden chairs.
  10. Prefer plastic curtains if possible. Dust them every day.
  11. Avoid things like teddy bears, pillows, dried flowers, bric-a-brac and toys that attract dust.


  1. Do not touch objects that are very dusty, such as books and old clothes.
  2. Avoid smoking and do not allow smoking in your house.