E-Cigarettes! smoking modernized

  • By Team TDO

E-Cigarettes are battery powered devices that simulate tobacco smoking. It has a heating element inside that vaporizes a liquid solution. Most of the e-cigarettes contain nicotine containing flavoured liquids with flavours ranging from watermelon to pink bubblegum. Some brands of e-cigarettes are nicotine-free. It is better than the conventional cigarette in the sense that it contains fewer amounts of hazardous chemicals and a lower amount of nicotine.

E-cigarettes are considered to be effective in people trying to quit smoking. The sensation of holding and puffing away at the e-cigarettes is helpful in combating short-term cravings.

E-cigarettes are widely hailed as an option in the treatment of nicotine addicts. The WHO however, does not support this idea and as on July 2013, considers e-cigarettes to have no scientifically demonstrated effect on the cessation of smoking. It advices the users to use restraint till a national body can show the effects of e-cigarette in a clearer light.

E-cigarettes are being touted as the safer alternative to tobacco smoking. While this is definitely true, it’s pure nicotine not pure air!

E-cigarettes may be definitely helpful on a short-term basis, but its effects on long-term use, needs to be studied in detail.
The fact that e-cigarettes contain no tobacco makes it free from all the tobacco laws around the world. Therefore one doesn’t have to be above the legal age to use these e-cigarettes. Also the sale of these cigarettes is completely unrestricted. These cigarettes are available online too, for anybody who may choose to purchase it.

E-cigarettes also harm your lungs. As per the results of a study conducted by scientists in Greece, using e-cigarettes causes potentially significant airway resistance.

Scientists all over the world agree that though there is nothing like inhaling clean and pure air; but e-cigarettes are certainly a safer option than the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.