Workout shoes – The most important investment!

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Everybody who is into exercising, whether at the gym or outdoors, must invest in a good pair of sport shoes. Our feet take the maximum toll of our workout. Running, jogging, cycling, aerobics, cardio training, strength training; almost everything involves using our feet! Hence we must take utmost care in protecting them...

A good pair of shoes can make or break your workout.

Injuries like ankle sprains, ligament pulls, etc. are some of the main reasons why people discontinue their exercise routines. Investing in a pair of quality shoes can help you in preventing any kind of foot and ankle injury, thus making your workout a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

A variety of sport shoes are available in the market these days for different types of exercises. Running shoes that have inbuilt shock absorbers are available for joggers. Similarly lightweight walking shoes are available for people who prefer walking. Then there are aerobic shoes, which are lightweight and shock absorbing to prevent foot fatigue and to cushion the ball of the foot, which is put under pressure during the aerobic exercises. Tennis shoes with flexible soles help in protecting the feet from the quick side-to-side movements of the game.. Thick-soled, basketball shoes provide extra protection against ankle and foot injuries caused by jumping. There are also cross-training shoes that are useful for a variety of exercises.

The wrong pair of shoes can be bad for your feet. You may end up with shoe bites and blisters that may restrict your movements while exercising. Hence choosing the right kind of shoes for your workout is very important.

Most of the time, people just pull out their old pair of sneakers, irrespective of the form of exercise that they plan to do. But choosing a pair of running shoes while you decide to play basketball, is going to be futile. Shoes are designed with specific purposes. Running shoes have soft cushions in the heel area that act as shock absorbers, while the shoes designed for tennis, will have stronger sides that help in preventing injuries due to the sharp twists the feet may have to undergo, while running around the court.

Tips to buy the perfect shoes for your workout:

  1. Try the shoes in the store, at the end of your work day or after a workout. Tired achy feet tend to expand slightly. If the size is small, you may end up having cramped feet every time you finish your workout.
  2. Try on both the shoes together and walk around the store a bit. Walking helps in understanding the fit of the shoes a little better.
  3. Consult a professional about the shoes you are planning to buy and find out whether they are recommended for the activity that u plan on doing. .
  4. It is very important to know your feet like, the height of your arches, the flatness of your foot and running and walking stride. This will certainly help you in buying the right pair of shoes.
  5. Exercising in a pair of worn out shoes can actually do more harm than good; so try and replace your shoes at least once every six months.